About Us

I have information on nearly 5000 ancestors and their relationships-- but I only make public availabIe information on the over 3000 dead people. This includes many photographs. The 6 family trees present another view of these families. I also broadened the scope of my work from the initial look at O'Malley and Dubois in New Hampshire to Page and Sheedy in Pennsylvania and later Lavin, Smith and Yarter (my children's in-law) families.

I soon found that I was blessed to have excellent records from Canada kept by French Catholic priests from the 1500's. I also found a scarcity of Irish records from the time before the famine of the 1850's and that was made up for by the excellent verbal history kept by my cousin Una at the family farm in Kinnadoohy, County Mayo, Ireland.

I also found that I had to enlarge and broaden my scope of work beyond data of family members. I had to visit sites, go to libraries, study histories, articles, attend talks and verify the information I was given by others.

I use the computer program The Master Genealogist to record and analyze the family history database and the associated program SecondSite to create webpages for your use in querying the database.

Finally I have been tested for DNA: first the Y (male -O'Malley) study with Family Tree DNA and the autosomal study with Ancestry DNA.